Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gestalt's theory. 18-02-11

Six Laws of Perception:

1. Proximity:
Fruitbowl.jpg (18212 bytes)
The figures above illustrates the Gestalt theory of Proximity. The bowl of fruit is seen as a bowl of fruit-one whole item whereas if the fruit were placed separately on the table one would see them as individual fruits. The for gemstones are placed close together at the points..this gives the image of a butterfly with its wings spread. If the gemstones  had been placed at intervals around the ring it would not look like a butterfly.

2. Similarity:

Objects similar to each other tend to be seen as a whole..This is a picture of a thousand cups quarter-full of something put together..but when you look at it you don't instantly think "cups". Your mind tries to come up with something to call the picture..Things like sea, columns came to my mind.

The pendant above shows several silver 'columns' placed together on to a gold circle. The pendant looks like a flower a daisy to be specific  because of the similarity of the "columns" in shape. They look like petals.

3. Figure and Ground:

The tree is the figure and the sunset,clouds etc is the ground.

The rings above illustrate this law perfectly. The hearts act as the figure and the rest of the rings is "ground" when the eye looks at it.

4. Symmetry/Asymmetry:

When we see objects we tend to see them as symmetrical shapes that form around their centre.. When one looks at this they "see" a logo and not necessarily the two right angles put together.

The ring above depicts the law in the way the the stones that form the petals are grouped together around the ring. This is what gives the flower shape..If the stones were placed around the ring at different points, the stones would look like something else.

5. Continuity:

The metal rectangles above continue in one direction forming an unbroken line. This is clearly continuity.
The necklace above is made using small chains continuously and repeats the same pattern continuously on the thicker parts of the chain.

6. Closure:
Occurs when an object is incomplete or when a space is not completely enclosed.
When I look at this picture I see a house with a chimney and a porch but in reality the picture shows blocks of different sizes put together in some pattern. The law of continuity is shown in that my mind tends to supply the missing bits of information to in order to make a complete picture.
This pendant is designed with circles- incomplete..but the human mind perceives them as circles because enough of the shape is given to indicate the whole.

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