Thursday, March 3, 2011

Infecting the city

I went too the festival on Friday morning and Saturday afternoon..Initialy I thought it was going to be a total bore but after hearing that I would have to write about my experience I made an effort to actualy find out what was going on and get absorbed into it.. :)To my surprise it was actualy interesting and gave me a LOT to think about..I was most definitely "infected"..I keep finding myself thinking "greener" these days.. The festival was interesting and well covered a wide range of issues such as pollution,housing developement, the invisible people who make society tick to name a few.. i realy liked the freedom of expession in some of the art..for example in on of the satellite galleries there was 'artwork'  made by sticking bits cut up magazines onto a larger piece of paper.. it spelled out various messages for exmple, "why don't you tell us where the millions went", "you are clearly unqualified to build houses"...It was very blunt and im sure those for whom the message was intended got it  loud and clear..! :)

Here are a few pictures from the festival and comments:

Infecting the City

These shacks were there to challenge the average person who has never seen this side of challenge those who criticise them..and they sort of gave a voice to the poor who live in them..It forced me to realise that there are always two sides to everything and that I need to always give a wholistic approach to each situation..was quite touched..

This is the sight that greeted my eyes when I first got to the festival..You have to admit it looks like a pile of rubbish that doesn invite a second look or thought..We were priviledged to meet Heath Nash who was one of the faces of Infecting the city..He among other artists were transforming the piles of rubbish into artwork.

Unfortunately most of the passersby seemed interested in the the music only..They were not very into the art.. If I were to judge the festival's impact on the city from my time there, I would say it was limited..but of course I did not attend the festival everyday so I cannnot give an accurate estimate..However according to other sources such as Mahala, the festival was a sucess as it brought people from all walks of life together.

 If I had been invited a s a perfoming artist I would have probably contributed to the musical talent on display...I would have composed  and sung songs which  blend in with the theme. I would have also had live interviews with people such as the ones on the recieving end of the housing scheme. These would have been running throughout the festival.

more pictures...

I find this particular picture amzing because it feels like you are actualy in the room when you look at it..Its very well done.