Friday, October 7, 2011

4rth term written assignment

Oscar Abba jewellery:
I find this refreshingly different, the designer managed to convey some sort of free sense that is obviously very planned. The fluid continuous feel of the lines blends in very well with the shapes used. Oscar’s use of silver; a precious metal corresponds very well with the idea of an abstract, planned piece. It’s interesting how the form doesn’t exactly conform to the strict shapes or at least recognizable shapes that jewelry so usually adheres to but it still gives the sense of being valuable and proper.   I like how the designer carries on a theme; how he has developed an idea. The first bracelet has folds that are not so much of folds in the word but they echo the shape of folds in the way the metal is wavy and bends at unexpected areas.  Then the second piece Folds 2 has folds that are more defined, the metal doesn’t just echo the shape of folds but it also actualy folds in some places. The third piece  aptly named Liquids continues the same sort of abstract theme with organic , fluid lines but in this it seems to me that the designer went even more abstract, more ‘out of the box’ he has the lines and the shapes and the folds going but he adheres to a less defined shape. I find it interesting how there is an empty space in the middle of the piece and the outside of the piece is where it seems the shapes and folds are...And it almost seems to me that the empty space in the middle is contained by the shapes around it. It reminds me of how water doesn’t actually have a shape but just takes the shape of the object/container around it.
It must have taken some measure of craftsmanship to bring out all those shapes and I can’t help but wonder at the level of accuracy and just how he did it all. There is an appealing contrast in the shapes used and the angles used; for example the first bracelet; Folds has very loose line and then 'organic right angles' in some places. The designer also managed to make his pieces appear balanced in spite of the abstract, wavy lines. Oscar’s designs are interesting and make for an interesting analysis I could go on J

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